Xbox Game Pass and 14 Minute Gameplay video with developer commentary!

We are excited to announce that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden will be part of Xbox Game Pass when it launches on December 4th! Game Pass members will be able to download the game immediately on launch day. The game will also be available on PC and PS4 on the same day.

We also have another gameplay video for you! Producer Mark Parker plays through the resource rich Scraplands map and shows off how stealth can be used to great effect in the game.

The Scraplands is a scrap yard from the old world. It is filled with car wrecks and you can find piles of valuable scrap and weapon parts all over the place. This challenging area is crawling with Zone Ghouls and their leader is well protected by a lot of henchmen.

Mark Parker shows you exactly how to take out single-targets silently in his playthrough of the Scraplands. By picking his moments carefully he can thin out the herd of Ghouls one by one, so that when he is ready to take on the boss he can do so with the odds greatly stacked in his favor.

Watch the video to see how important it is to plan in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. If you just run in guns blazing you will more often than not be overrun by enemies. If you take your time, plan your strategy carefully and execute your plan accordingly, you can crush your enemies with minimum risk to your team of mutants.