Introducing Farrow


“The odds are against us, yeah. But we’re brave, we kick ass, and we don’t have heads like moldy muffins!” – Farrow


She might look like a cute little heartbreaker, but she’s no sweet little love maker.  Meet the sassy vixen, Farrow!

Farrow is one of the recruitable characters you’ll encounter during your expeditions in The Zone.  When you find her, you may notice that while she’s clearly a combat-ready Stalker, she ain’t quite from around here; in fact, she’s not even originally from the Ark!

Her true origins are a mystery – even to her.  All she knows is her name’s Farrow, and she’s a product of the Zone.  She thought her settlement was the only place left in the whole world…

Well, until she met you.

You’ll initially discover Farrow in what people call the Metal Fields; there, you’ll be greeted by a mob of Polis-Bots itching to dispense “justice”.  Well probably anyway, if robots could feel.  Or itch.

Farrow's base stats

Farrow’s icon & base stats


Specializing in stealth and assassination, Farrow comes equipped with skills and gear that make her adept at quickly and quietly dispatching her foes.  Her signature ability, Silent Assassin, doubles her critical strike chance against enemies while she’s hidden! This makes her particularly valuable for initiating combat out of stealth, such as when picking off stragglers.

Combine Silent Assassin with items and boosts that further increase crit chance for fantastic results:

Look at all those stacking crit buffs!

Look at all those stacking crit buffs!

Other choices allow Farrow to remain hidden while moving between cover, and later she can mutate to possess extreme mobility, able to leap great distances or effortlessly gain high ground advantages.


“Give up now an’ I’ll go easy on ya!”

Let’s take a closer look at what Farrow’s cookin’ with:






Circuit Breaker

You have the ability to instantly identify and disable critical functioning parts of a mechanical enemy. Once shot they will be disabled for 1 turn.   


The years of creeping around the Zone have paid off, your cat-like senses have made you supremely aware of your surroundings, giving you the ability to pass by others (mostly) unnoticed.   

Silent Assassin


Like the dome-headed assassins of the past, you are able to do great damage whilst hidden from your target. That’s as long as you hit… Man.   


Your hand-to-eye coordination is improved considerably, which gives you the ability to shoot multiple targets at once whilst using only 1 AP.

Corpse Eater

Your metabolism is now abnormally robust, as well as your jaws and teeth. You can eat any type of fresh raw meat to replenish your health. Gross but also strangely satisfying!   

Moth Wings

You have the ability to grow wings on your back. This enables you to move vertically and hover in position. Giving you a tactical advantage over enemies beneath you. This also allows you to get to high places which would normally be out of reach.    

Frog legs

With your powerful, frog-like leg muscles you can perform super-mutant leaps to cover great distances. Useful if you are cornered by your enemies!    

Super Tendons


Your leg tendons have become mutated, making them thicker and stronger. You are now able to move or sprint to high places freely and without the use of a ladder.    

Important gameplay note: You can only equip one Minor (Square), one Major (Hexagon), and one Passive (Circle) mutation at a time!

Now, Let’s take a quick look at her passive stat mutations:





Health Booster

By beefing-up the physical functions of your body you can permanently increase your maximum health by an additional 1/2/3 HP.

Critical Booster

Permanently increases the chance of inflicting critical damage by 10/20%.

Farrow is the only Stalker capable of increasing their innate critical strike rate. Stat boosts are ALWAYS ACTIVE as long as you’ve put points into them; you don’t have to “equip” the bonuses like you would with other mutations.   

As you can see, Farrow’s all about leaving busted heads and broken hearts left in her wake.

How will you utilize Farrow?  We’d love to hear how she fits into your playstyle when Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden launches on December 4th.

Alright Stalkers, that’s all for now.  We’ll see you in the Zone real soon.