Experience Mutant Year Zero Live

The organizers promise a “Westworld-like experience” in the first-ever Mutant Year Zero live-action role-playing event.

The post-apocalyptic world of Mutant, in which mutants, humans, and robots live blissfully deprived of peace and harmony, used to be virtually unknown beyond the borders of the curious and remarkable land of Sweden. But with the stories gathered and presented as a tabletop RPG in the early 80s, the legend grew and even found its way to Germany (this is probably due to an increasing number of Northerners going on pilgrimage to an ancient religious tradition known as Oktoberfest).

By the time Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden released in 2018, the Swedes knew there was no point in keeping it a secret anymore. Instead, they now choose to embrace the stories which have helped shape young Swedelings into grown men over the course of generations. So much so, that this year, you can even experience what living alongside mutants and robots actually entails.

Over the course of four days in June, as well as in August and September, the first-ever Mutant: Year Zero live-action roleplaying event will be hosted on an island near Stockholm. And judging by the images the organizers have provided for us, the backdrop is just perfect.

According to a press release, you can choose between creating your own character or opting for a premade one. You then get to put together your survival gear and costume, before being transported to the island for drama workshops – and action.

“Immersive roleplaying is like playing cops and robbers, but for grownups. Or like being inside a computer game or TV show. You sneak, argue and dive for cans of food for “real” instead of watching a screen or pressing buttons. It’s a great way to get a total break from our strange “normal” reality and build a new world together for three-four days,” says The Ark’s veteran games and participation- designer, Martin Ericsson in the press release.

The Mutant Live Roleplaying Event is organized by Skärgårdszonen AB, in association with Kulturbryggan, Fria Ligan, The Cabinet Group, and Dividend Industries.

For tickets and more information about the event, visit https://www.mutantzone.com/.